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British Made Gilet

british made waistcoats

Weskit is a British waistcoat maker.
Our waistcoats are individually cut and impeccably made.
We offer two distinct cuts, each with a choice of collars and pocket styles, in a wide array of finely woven British textiles.
We make to order and will cut your waistcoat in your preferred outer and with the lining and buttons of your choice.
We offer our waistcoats in standard sizes from 36" to 54". We can cut longer, shorter, wider and narrower than standard for those that need it.
We make in Britain, offer repairs and alterations on our waistcoats and will replace linings when they go.
We aim to ship within three weeks of receiving orders.

– | summer weight waistcoats | –

Linen Gilets
Anto - 21.jpeg
Thick Linen Waistcoats
– | our waistcoat cuts | –

We offer our waistcoats in two cuts, the Classic Fit,  a boxier form and the Tailored Fit – a more shaped alternative.

 – | classic | –

The Classic Fit is well-suited to the more rounded gentleman who will find its cut comfortably accommodating. It is also suited to wearing on top of a jumper.

The Classic Fit can be widened at the waist.

 – | tailored | –

The Tailored Fit is suited to those of a more streamlined build. Those likely to only wear shirts beneath their waistcoats may also prefer to plump for the Tailored Fit.

The Tailored Fit can be nipped in at the waist.

Lovat Tweed Gilet
DoubleShots - 4.jpeg
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Charcoal Herringbone Waistcoat
Navy Gilet
Khaki Gilet
Teal Gilet
– | our cloth | –

All our cloth is sourced with care in the United Kingdom. Our wools and linens are woven on Lewis, in Roxburghshire, Yorkshire, Somerset, Northern Ireland and beyond.


For lighter alternatives we also offer a few weights of Irish Linen, as well as some Silk Matka – the latter being carefully sourced and cut here, but sadly not woven here.

harris tweed

aw hainsworth

fox brothers

silk matka

lovat mill

irish linen

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Anto - 8.jpeg
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Anto - 30.jpeg
– | our collars | –

We offer our waistcoats with five different collars – a Cut-Away collar, a Mandarin collar, a low Nehru collar, a classic Nehru collar and a T-shirt collar. 

We generally use a mid-weight canvas stiffener on our collars, but can either exclude it if you prefer things a little softer, or use a firmer one if you are a stickler for structure.

Bespoke Fox Flannel Gilet
HainsMeltonPetrolBlue - 1.jpeg
Harris-1 - 3 (1).jpeg
– | our linings | –
MadeinGB - 3.jpeg

Our waistcoats can be made up in the lining of your choice.


Sturdy cotton ticking for those that like the look and structure of this unbeatable cloth, and coloured Viscose for those who prefer a smooth glide. 

For those that like the finer things, we are able to lean on our obliging parent, EdNerat, and offer the full range of their silk linings.

ViscoseLinings - 1.jpeg
Details - 6.jpeg
– | our buttons | –
DugdaleTigerEye - 1.jpeg
BScarletHains - 9.jpeg

All our buttons are made in Great Britain.


We offer buttons in different sizes, materials and colours and will add to our selection if we don't see a perfect companion for a particular cloth.


We suggest one or two alternatives to go with each fabric – but you are of course free to choose your own from our house offering.

LovatSmallBlue - 6.jpeg
– | our sizing | –

Our cuts are offered in sizes 36" to 54" – but we know that the chest measurement isn't everything.


Our Classic Cut can be cut to allow for wider girths and our Tailored Cut for narrower waists.


In developing our sizes, we haven't taken short-cuts. We have taken care to  maintain proportion, adjusting everything necessary– the button spacing, vent length and pocket sizes (alongside the obvious width, length, armhole and collar measurements). 

Bespoke British Made Gilet