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AW Hainsworth

Abimelech William Hainsworth started manufacturing woollen cloth in Yorkshire in 1783. Since then, AW Hainsworth has been busy clothing royalty, dressing palaces, creating ceremonial military cloths; even the Woolsack is covered in Hainsworth cloth. All this from their base in Pudsey.

Divine doeskins and melt-in-your hands Meltons come in subdued and jewel like colours – warm, wearable, eye-catching and elegant.

We have started off with a small selection of Doeskin and a slightly wider selection of Meltons, both of which will make superbly warm, elegant waistcoats. More will come in due course. In the meantime, if there is a particular colour or weight you are after, do get in touch – we can source your chosen outer in no time!

AW Hainsworth Gilet
Pure Merino Wool Waistcoat
Merino Flannel Waistcoat
Doeskin Gilet
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